Rain Was Falling (Baran Mibarid)

Director: Ali Safikhani
Roya Mohaghegh, Arian Lotfalian
Director of Photography:
Dariush Ayyari
Art Designer:
MalakJahan Khazai
Sara Ahani
Satar Oraki Pouri
Assistant Director:
Vali Oveisi Fourdouei
Hossein Bashash Bafekr Sound Mix: Hossein Abolsedgh Still Photographers: Shahrokh Mozaffari, Shahriar Sharifi Brojerdi
Reza Salami, AbdollahTahmasbi, Sara Sadat Abolghasemi, Kamyar Kooshan
Reza Salami
Golchehreh Sajadieh (Azar), Mehdi Ahmadi (Houman), Catherine Aslani
(Yekta), Mehdi Shadizadeh (Sina), Raya Nasiri (Leila), Mohammad Abbasnejad (Moeinee)
Sayna Rezanejad, Hamid Reza Afshar (Iraj), Abdollah Tahmasbi, Asghar Moradtalab.

Color, 5K, 85 min, 16:9, 1:1.85, 2016, Iran

Azar, a traditional wife and a protective mother, has previously agreed with her husband, Iraj, to get a divorce when their only daughter marries. She regards this divorce a disgrace, but accepts it reluctantly. Iraj goes into a coma in a car accident. Now Azar faces the dilemma of giving in and leaving her husband to her old romantic rival or going on and fighting for her marital life.


Ali Safikhani was born in 1981 in south of Iran (Ahwaz). He graduated from Iranian Television University (Soroosh) in directing and started his artistic career by acting in different plays in 1999 Youth Cinema Association of Ahwaz. Safikhani has been the director of many experimental, documentaries and semi-long films from 1999 to 2005. He has been working as the editor, assistant and programmer of many experimental films and documentaries.
"Rain Was Falling" is his first film.


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  • Rain Was Falling (Baran Mibarid)
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