“Red Nail Varnish” (Lak-e Ghermez)

Director: Seyyed Jamal Hatami
Amir Abdi
Director of Photography:
Mohammad Reza Sokout
Majid Hashemipour
Sound Mix:
Mahmoud Moussavi Nejad
Mehrdad Mirzaee
Hamid Najafi Rad
Make Up Artist:
Iman Omidvari
Assistant Director:
Ali Joudi
Still Photography:
Ali Hamid Nejad
Kamran Majidi
Kamran Majidi
Pardis Ahmadieh (Akram), Pantea Panahiha (Khadijeh), Masoud Keramati (Uncle Vali), Behnam Tashakkor (Aslan)

Color, 2K, 1:1.85, 16:9, 88 min, 2016, Iran




Akram, a girl of 16 years of age, decides to maintain her family’s unity despite the death of her drug addict father and her mother’s inability to look after her three children.
On the way to do so, she turns into a mature woman.






Seyyed Jamal Hatami was born in 1971. He studied Cinema in the Experimental Film Workshop and started to make shorts. To be a professional in cinema, he started by working as a set designer. He worked as assistant director, and at the same time made shorts and TV movies.  
“Red Nail Varnish” is his first feature.  


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  • “Red Nail Varnish"
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