"Unwelcome in Tehran" (Nakhaandeh Dar Tehran)

Director: Mina Keshavarz

Research: Mina Keshavarz

Photography: Reza Abiat
Editor: Hamila Moayed
Sound Recorder: Hasan Shabankare
Sound Mix: Amir Hosein Ghasemi
Music: Ebrahim Monsefi
Project Advisors: Pirooz Kalantari, Mehrdad Oskouei
Production Manager: Sepehr Mikailian
Line Producer: Saeed Rashtian
Production Company: Sheherazad Media International
Producer: Katayoon Shahabi
Color, HD, 16:9, 52 min, 2011, Iran

Mina, the director, is a girl from Shiraz who gets married in order to move to Tehran. Influenced by her own life, she decides to make a documentary about the girls nationwide who, like Azar, move to Tehran (the capital) to start an independent life away from their families’ watchful eyes and restrictions. The film is about Mina and Azar’s constant struggle to find the answer as to why families and the society have difficulty in accepting an independent life for a single girl.


A Scriptwriter, Filmmaker and Editor, Mina Keshavarz was born in Shiraz in 1984. She has a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. She started Journalism in 2002 with her own cinematic weblog. Since 2004 she has been working as a documentary journalist in some reputable newspapers active in filmmaking. "Unwelcome in Tehran" is her first long documentary film.


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  • Small Pleasures of an Election
  • Abu Rayhan
  • Unwelcome in Tehran
  • Documentary
  • Documentary
  • Documentary
  • Documentary
  • 52min
  • 26min
  • 27min
  • 2min
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011

  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (9 – 18 March 2012 / Greece)
  • Filmmor Women's Int'l Film Festival (15 – 23 March 2012 / Turkey)
  • UCLA Film & Television Archive (April 2013 / USA)
  • Femmes Film Festival in Tunis (3 – 5 May 2013 / Tunis)
  • Gdansk Doc. Film Festival (5-9 June 2013 / Poland)
  • L’equipe Cinema du Monde  (21-31 Jan. 2014/ France)
  • Film Days in Berlin (29May-June 1st 2014/ Germany)

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