Documentary, 74 min, Color, 4K, 2:1, 16:9, 5.1, stereo, Persian and Dari, 2024, Iran


The New Year’s Eve and the Iran-Iraq war, Tehran is being repeatedly attacked with missiles. Gilaneh, a lonely middle-aged villager has to send her son to the war. She must also accompany her daughter to Tehran in search of her son-in-law, who has illegally left the service…

15 years later: again the New Year’s Eve, and Gilaneh – fatigued with life – is taking care of her chemically-wounded son and is also far away from her daughter. Incapable of looking after her son, Gilaneh is waiting for a woman from the South who has lost her husband in the war and made a promise to get married to Gilaneh’s son…

This film depicts people whose love and destiny have been violated and changed by war.

Director Rakhshan Banietemad, Mohsen Abdolvahab

Screenwriters Rakhshan Banietemad, Farid Mostafavi, Mohsen Abdolvahab

Director of Photography Morteza Poursamadi

Music Mohammad-Reza Aligholi

Sound recording Yadollah Najafi

Sound Mix Mohammad-Reza Delpak, Amir-Hossein Ghasemi

Editor Davood Yousefian

Color Grading Dirk Meier

Assistant Director Nava Rohani

Production Manager Seyyed Abolghasem Hosseini

Executive Producer Jahangir Kosari

Producer Saeid Saadi

Cast Fatemeh Motamed Arya, Bahram Radan, Baran Kosari, Jaleh Sameti, Shahrokh Forootanian, Majid Bahrami


  1. Tribeca Int’l Film Festival (2005/ USA)
  2. Moscow Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Russia)
  3. Osian’s Cinefan Int’l Film Festival (2005/ India)
  4. Toronto Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Canada)
  5. Fukuoka Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Japan)
  6. Antalya Golden Orange and Eurasia Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Turkey)
  7. Flanders Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Belgium)
  8. Pusan Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Korea)
  9. Women’s Int’l Film festival in Japan (2005/  Japan)
  10. Montreal New Cinema Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Canada) 
  11. Gene Siskel Film Festival in Chicago (2005/ USA)
  12. WV Int’l Film Festival in Colorado (2005/ USA)
  13. Cairo Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Egypt)
  14. Asiatica Film Media Int’l  (2005/ Italy)
  15. Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (2005/ USA)
  16. India Int’l Film Festival (2005/ India)
  17. Kara Int’l Film Festival (2005/ Pakistan) Winner of the Best Film and Best Actress Awards
  18. Pune Int’ll Film Festival (2006/ India)
  19. Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (2006/ USA)
  20. California Institute of Art REDCAT (2006/ USA)
  21. Festival de Vesoul (2006/ France) Winner of the Jury NETPAC Award. 
  22. Bangkok International Film Festival (2006/ Thailand)
  23. Fribourg Int’l Film Festival (2006/ Switzerland)
  24. Women with Vision Festival (2006/ USA)
  25. Festival Int’l de Cine Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2006/ Spain) Winner of the Special Jury ex aequo commendation 
  26. Nat Film Festival (2006/ Denmark)
  27. Women Film Festival in Seoul (2006/ Korea)
  28. Festival Int’l dei Circoli del Cinema (2006/ Italy)
  29. Yerevan Int’l Film Festival (2006/ Armenia)
  30. Brisbane Intl Film Festival (2006/ Australia)
  31. Yari Women Film Festival in Uppsala (2006/ Sweden)
  32. High Museum of Arts in Atlanta (2006/ USA)
  33. Aichi Film Festival (2006/ Japan)
  34. Uppsala Yari Film Festival (2006/ Sweden)
  35. National Film Museum in Turin (2006/ Italy)
  36. Braunschweig Film Festival(2006/ Germany)
  37. Taiwan Women Film Festival (25 Oct.)
  38. Cambridge (23 Feb 2007 / New Hall College / England)
  39. Syracuse F.F. (19 – 23 April 2007)
  40. Art Gallery of New south Wales (15 August 2007)
  41. Williams College (12 Sept. / 2007 / USA)
  42. BFI (21 – 30 April / 2008 / UK)
  43. Flying Broom Int’l Film Festival (8 – 15 May / 2008 / Turkey)
  44. Asia House Gallery (14 Oct. 2008 / UK)
  45. Kublez-Firouzeh Ossuli(Oct.2017/Germany)
  46. Edinburgh Iranian Film Festival (22Feb.-2 March,2018/UK)

    DIRECTOR’S Statement