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Color, 2K, 16:9,1:1/85, 5:1, 24 fps, 104 min, 2017, Iran


The forensic pathologist Dr Nariman, a principled and virtuous man, has an accident with a motorcyclist and his family, and injures his 8-year-old son. He pays compensation to the man and offers to take the child to a clinic nearby. The next morning, he finds out that the same little boy has been brought in for an autopsy. Dr Nariman faces a dilemma now: is he responsible for the child’s death due to the accident or he died of food poisoning according to other doctors’ diagnostic?

Director Vahid Jalilvand

Screenplay Ali Zarnegar, Vahid Jalilvand

Director of Photography Peyman Shadmanfar

Sound Amin Mirshekari

Sound Mix Seyyed Alireza Alavian

Music Peyman Yazdanian

Editor Vahid Jalilvand, Sepehr Vakili

Assistant Director Zeinab Nassrollahi

Set Designer Mohsen Nassrollahi

Makeup Designer Abdollah Eskandari

Still Photographer Amir Hossein Shoja’ee

Production Manager Mohammad Sadeq Azin

Investors Hamed Anqa, Nazanin Eskandari, Ali Jalilvand

Producers Ali Jalilvand & Ehsan Alikhani

Production Companies Rabison Art, Noori Pictures

Cast Navid Mohammadzadeh (Moosa), Amir Agha’ee (Dr Nariman), Hediyeh Tehrani (Sayeh), Zakiyeh Behbahani (Leila), Sa’eed Dakh (Inspector), Alireza Ostadi (Assistant Prosecutor)


      • Venice Int’l Film Festival (30 Aug.- 9 Sept. 2017/Italy) – Orizzonti Winner of the Best Director and Best Actor
      • Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (28 Sep.-13 Oct. 2017/Canada) 3- Filmfest Hamburg (5-14 Oct. 2017/Germany)
      • Busan Int’l Film Festival (12 Oct.-21 Oct. 2017/Korea)
      • Chicago Int’l Film Festival (12-26 Oct. 2017/USA)- New Directors Competition – Winner of Gold Hugo for No Date, No Signature
      • Sao Paulo Int’l Film Festival (19 Oct.-1 Nov. 2017/Brazil)
      • Thessaloniki Int’ F.F.(2-12 Nov.2017/Greece)-Winner of Silver Alexander and FIPRESCI Award
      • Stockholm Int’l Film Festival(8-19 Nov.2017/Sweden)-Winner of Best Screenplay
      • Ljubljana Int’l F.F.(8-19 Nov. 2017/Slovenia)
      • Bratislava Int’l F.F. (9-16 Nov. 2017/ Slovakia)- Winner of the Best Film by FIPRESCI Jury and Best Actor
      • San Diego Asian Film Festival (9-18 Nov. 2017/USA)
      • Sheed Film Festival (10-12 Nov.2017/USA)- Winner of Best Director
      • CineIran Film Festival (17-19 Nov. 2017/Canada)- Winner of Best Actor & Special Jury Prize
      • Singapore Int’l Film Festival (23 Nov.-3Dec. 2017/ Singapore)
      • Asia Pacific screen award (APSA)- (21Nov.-24Nov. 2017/ Australia) Winner of Special Mention Best Performance by an Actor
      • International Film Festival of India, GOA (20- 28 Nov. 2017/India) 17- The Festival on Wheels (1-15 Dec. 2017/Turkey)
      • Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF)14-21 Dec. 2017/India)
      • Dubai International Film Festival (6-16 Dec 2017/The United Arab Emirates)
      • Iranian Film Festival Seoul (15-17Dec,2017/ Korea)
      • Palm Springs International Film Festival (2-15 Jan. 2018/USA)
      • International Film Festival Rotterdam (27Jan.-2 Feb.2018/ The Netherland) 23- Termeh (Maryam Arbabzadeh) (2Feb.2018/USA)
      • Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art (8-11 Feb.2018/USA)
      • Wisconsin Iranian Film Festival Madison, (24 Feb.2018/USA)
      • Glasgow Int’l Film Festival (21 Feb.-4 March.2018/Scotland) 27- Bengaluru Int’l Film Festival (22Feb.-1 March,2018/India)
      • Belgrade Int’l Film Festival (23Feb.-4March.2018/Serbia) Winner of the Jury Prize
      • The South Bay Film Society (7 March,2018/ USA)
      • Febiofest (15-23March.2018/Czech Republic)
      • Green Mountain Film Festival (16-24 March,2018/ USA)
      • Furman Film Series (11 April,2018/USA)
      • Istanbul International Film Festival (6-17 April 2018/Turkey) 36- Minneapolis St.Paul Int’l Film Festival (12-28 April 2018/ USA) 37- Opening Night Iranian Film Series (28 April,2018/USA)
      • Philadelphia Film Society (27-29 April 2018/ USA)
      • UCLA(28April- 19May,2018/ USA)
      • Movies of Delray (7 June, 2018,USA)
      • Washington, DC Int’l Film Festival (19-29 April,2018/ USA) 42- Iranian Film Festival Zurich (24-30 May, 2018/Switzerland)
      • Berkshire International Film Festival(31 May-3 June, 2018,USA) 44- Movies of Lakeworth (8 June, 2018,USA)
      • Transatlantyk Festival (13-20 July 2018/ Poland)
      • Maine International Film Festival (13-22 July 2018/ USA) 47- Film Forum (31 July-1 August, 2018,USA)
      • Pending Cinema Arts Centre (3 August, 2018,USA) 49- Laemmle ROYAL (10 August, 2018,USA)
      • Tallahassee Film Society (17-19 August, 2018,USA) 51- George Eastman Museum (24 August, 2018,USA) 52- Farhang Foundation (8 Sep., 2018,USA)
      • International Film Festival Kinenova Skopje (11-15 October, 2018/Macedonia) Winner of the Special Mention of Jury
      • Habitat International Film Festival (23 March-1 April,2018/India)
      • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Int’l Film Festival (6-15 April,2018/ Spain) Winner of Best Actor Award & Audience Award
      • Zerkalo Int’l Film Festival (12-17June, 2018/ Russia) Winner of the best director
      • Brussels International Film Festival (20-30 June, 2018/ Belgium) Winner of Grand Prize award
      • Scottsdale International Film Festival (2-11 November, 2018,USA) 59- Stony Brook Film Festival (2 November, 2018,USA)
      • International Film Festival Pacific Meridian (21-27 Sep.2018/ Russia) 61- Representative of Iran for foreign-language films to Oscar 2019
      • Slemani International Film festival (10-16 October,2018/ Iraq) Winner of the best actor “Navid Mohammadzadeh”
      • The Catholic Film Festival (25-28 October,2018/ South Korea)
      • London Iranian Film Festival (26 Oct.-3Nov.2018/UK)
      • BangkokThai International Film Festival (14-17 October,2018/ Thailand) Winner of the best Fiction Feature
      • Indywood Film Carnival (1-4 Dec.2018/ India)
      • Iranian Film Festival in Prague (9-20 Jan.2019/ Czech Republic)



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