Under the Skin of the City

Color, 35mm, 95min, 2000, Iran


This is a film about the life of a woman. Tuba, who works in a weaving factory, is carrying the burden of her husband and four children on her shoulder and trying to make a better life for her children, what she couldn’t have so far. Her eldest son, Abbas, is so worried about the mother and is searching for a better work, hopeful for a better condition for the family. But he makes the family’s condition worse, and puts everyone in trouble…

Director Rakhshan Banietemad

Screenwriter R. Banietemad, & Farid Mostafavi

Director of Photography Hossein Jafarian

Production Designer Omid Mohit

Sound Asghar Shahverdi

Editor Mostafa Khergheh- Poush

Producers R. Banietemad, Jahangir Kosari

Production Companies Rabison Art, Noori Pictures

Cast Golab Adineh, Mohammad-Reza Forutan, Baran Kosari


1. Moscow Int’l Film Festival (2001/ Russia) – Winner of the Grand Jury Prize

2. Karlovy Vray Film Festival, (2001/ Czech Republic) – Netpac Award

3. Montreal World Film Festival (2001/ Canada)

4. Toronto Film Festival (2001/ Canada)

5. Film From the South Festival (2001/ Denmark)

6. Fukuoka Int’l Film Festival (2001/Japan)

7. Vancouver Int’l Film Festival (2001/ Canada)

8. Mill Valley Film Festival (2001/ USA)

9. Boston Museum of Fine Arts (2001/ USA)

10. The Film Center of Chicago (2001/ USA)

11. Films From the South (2001/ Norway)

12. Slovenian National Cinematheque (2001/ Slovenia)

13. Viennale Int’l Film Festival (2001/ Austria)

14. Tokyo Int‘l Film Festival (2001/ Japan)

15. London Film Festival (2001/ England)

16. Thessaloniki Int’l Film Festival (2001/ Greece)

17. Calcutta Film Festival (2001/ India)

18. Torino Film Festival (2001/ Italy) Holden Award for Best Script, Audience Award, & Cinemavvenire Award for Best Feature Film

19. Black Nights Film Festival (2001/ Estonia)

20. Goteborg Film Festival (2001/ Sweden)

21. Festival of Iranian Films in UCLA Film and TV Archive (2001/ USA)

22. Sundance Film Festival (2001/ USA)

23. Palm Spring Film Festival (2001/ USA)

24. Festival of Iranian Films in Rice Unievrsity & Media Center (2001/ USA)

25. Seattle Int’l Film Festival (Women in Cinema) (2002/USA) – Special Jury Award

26. Rotterdam Film Festival (2001/ the Netherlands)

27. Portland Film Festival (2001/ USA)

28. Cleveland Film Festival (2002/ USA)

29. Rennes Int’l Film Festival (2002/ France)

30. Festival of Iranian Films in Asia Society and Museum (2002/ USA)

31. Festival of Iranian Films in California Institute of the Arts (2002/ USA)

32. The Danish Film Institute/ Cinematheque (2002/ Denmark)

  1. Screening at the Harvard University (23-26 April 2010/ USA)

34. Das Iranische Wien (2014/Austria)

35. Crime & Punishment Film Festival (30 Sept. – 6 Oct. 2016 / Turkey)

36. Basel University (Dec. 2017/ Switzerland)

37. Cinema l’Atalante (May 2024/Bayonne-France)

38. Showroom work station (Feb. 2024/Sheffield-England)

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