Winner of FIPRESCI Prize in Orizzonti

Wednesday, May 9

A film by

Vahid Jalilvand

Color, 2K, 16:9, 102 min, 2015, Iran

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An unusual advertisement in one of Tehran’s morning papers gathers a large group of people in one place. They think that what's been advertised is the only solution to their problem. The police take care of the situation by calming the people down and having them dispersed. However, two women among these people are not giving up...


Director & Actor (Ali)


Vahid Jalilvand

Vahid Jalilvand was born in Tehran in 1976. He is a graduate of Tehran University in Theater Directing. Jalilvand started his career as a theater actor and made his stage debut when he was only 15. In 1996, he started working in the Iranian State TV Channels as an editor and then as a TV director. Later, he directed two home video series and more than 30 documentaries in social and industrial fields. He has been the director of and an actor in many television series and plays. "Wednesday, May 9" is his first feature film as a director, and his second one as an actor.


1998 The Hands of the Crafts Creators 13 episodes
2000 The Statue 26 episodes
2001 The City of the Well-Known 13 episodes
2004 Nostrak: North-South Corridor 1 episode
2004 Shahid Rajaei Port 1 episode
2005 Amirabad Port 1 episode
2005 An Eye Made of Love 8 episode
2006 The Footprint of Rain 44 episode
2006 The Coquetry of the Sun 1 episode
2007 Ghadir Looking at Dawn 1 episode
2007 Rain In A Different Version 26 episode
2007 The Star is Out…Say Hello 26 episode
2008 40 Minutes Without Judgment 26 episode
2008 A Different Type Though 11 episode
2009 Naïve Like a Father 1 episode
2009 Dubai, 72 Hours 1 episode
2013 I Grow Green 1 episode
2015 Wednesday, May 9 102 min

Director's Note


I've been dreaming of Jalal for years. I wake up, bitter, depressed, and cold, and again the reflection of the person who has never had the honor of "being a Jalal" looks back at me in the mirror with disdain. I dedicate this film with respect to the Jalals of my country, to the ordinary people who seek pain in others eyes and have never been reaching out to the governments, statesmen, and powerful bodies for help, to people who have never tolerated the pain of hunger in the eyes of others and have never had a peaceful sleep. I live in a country where God has bestowed upon it the blessings of abundance and wealth, but alas! Many people are deprived of it. "Wednesday, May 9" is a critique of the society and the way it is managed. It is a tribute to the human beings who feel committed to the society and suffer. In essence, the film is both a critique and a praise of human beings.